How Evil Proliferates Throughout Society

How Evil Proliferates Throughout Society

It seems that social decay is only accelerating despite obvious signs of its negative effects everywhere.

Drug abuse, sexual perversion, violence, crime, deceit, indigence. All of it is on the rise in otherwise decent sectors of our society.

No one group is immune. Whether it’s the political right, left or “moderates,” our Western civilization seems to be coming apart at the seams and unraveling at an accelerating pace.

How is it that a civilization which has grown up through the centuries, and has overcome so many problems, is now showing signs of a disastrous downfall?

It all boils down to at least three main factors:

  1. Confront
  2. Reasonability
  3. Education


People assume others think like they do. Decent people think other people are decent. Criminals assume others are criminal in nature.

This is a big mistake. If it were true, we wouldn’t need a justice system. Everyone would live in perfect harmony. Yet, most people to a large degree make assumptions about people favoring their own world view.

A current example of this is widespread support for terrorism in the West. Just a decade ago it would be unthinkable to see large pro-terrorist demonstrations in the United States and Europe. Today it’s commonplace.

Traditional Western culture values life. This is not so for a few other cultures. For example, militant Islamists like Hamas have been proclaiming in no uncertain terms that they value and welcome death more than life. That’s how their religious doctrine has shaped their reality.

They have made clear statements that infidels (non Muslims) shall die in holy war (jihad).

They have proclaimed the state of Israel illegitimate and they will not stop until every Jew is dead. They teach their children to hate and murder Jews.

They were offered land to become a state (the West Bank) and they rejected any offer for coexistence. They want Israel to be erased.

On October 7th, 2023 Hamas terrorists broke into Israel and executed over 1,200 Israeli civilians including the rape, torture, mutilation and beheading of women and children. They have taken hundreds of hostages back into the Gaza Strip and are still holding most of them as of this writing.

On top of this they have been firing thousands of unguided missiles into Israel in hopes of killing more civilians indiscriminately.

To a Westerner, this is absolutely horrifying. In fact, it could be said to be incredible. As in, not believable. So it isn’t believed.

In fact, most people don’t want to know the truth. They want to know a more palatable version of the truth so they don’t need to experience the painful emotion connected with what is really there.

This lack of confront by Western media caused The Israeli government to invite these journalists to gather and screen some of the body camera footage recovered from Hamas terrorists that were there.

It confirmed the reports that the Western media and many in the US deemed too incredible to be believed. The screening depicted the grim reality of small Jewish babies being tortured, burned alive and dismembered by Hamas operatives.

So, now we know the truth, what’s really there: a subset of radical religious zealots have been brainwashed by a smaller subset of truly EVIL people to hate and murder others.

Unfortunately, as we have seen over and over again throughout history, most people are not able to fully confront evil.

With this in mind I’m sure you can think of many examples of people simply refusing to face the fact of evil in a situation.

Another excellent example is the psychiatric industry. These people have a long history of inexcusable evil acts against other humans. Their past (and present) is littered with brutal “treatments” of the mentally infirm such as exploratory brain operations and vivisection, lobotomies, insulin shock, brain electrocution in conscious and unconscious patients, dangerous psychoactive drugs to treat theoretical conditions, brutal restraints, freezing water dunks, and the list goes on.

Psychiatrists were also responsible for the inhuman experiments on interred Jews during the holocaust. They led “deep sleep” extreme drug induced coma experiments in South Africa.

Psychiatrists were the jailers and torturers of the more than 2 million political prisoners during the height of the Soviet regime in Russia. They are the “healthcare professionals” in charge of advising torture methods at the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

Despite these constant and continual crimes against humanity, the industry generally gets a pass from the populations of nearly all nations. In fact most governments of the world fund their operations.

Why? Inability to confront evil.

The typical citizen just trying to live a good life and get by would tell you instinctively that they would not want to end up in the hands of a psychiatrist. Why would a constructive and helpful group be so inherently loathed by a populace? Of course people can see something is wrong here. But they’re not seeing the truth, which is that these people are evil. Not simply misguided, but evil.

Evil is a fact of life, decent people find it uncomfortable and naturally shy away from thoughts of it. Decent people are not evil and are motivated by an urge to help others because they want to survive via a decent society. This fact alone is what allow people with evil intent to continue to wreak their havoc and mayhem.

Evil people are motivated by an urge to destroy others because they think instinctively that anyone stronger than them would do them in because that’s what they would do.

The antidote to an inability to confront evil is to simply confront it and acknowledge it for what it is. It’s not easy, but there can be no excusing evil. To make even the slightest excuse is to be complicit with it.

A tough pill to swallow but it happens to be the truth.


When people have a preferred reality, they make up reasons to explain why it is that way. This is called “being reasonable.”

Don’t confuse this with the other common definition of reasonable. As in, being understanding of a situation and taking an even-handed approach to it.

Actually, lets just define both definitions here to clear up any ambiguity:

reason 1: a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event.
reason 2: the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic

Here we’re talking about definition #1 where reasonable would mean you’re finding reasons for an action or event. More specifically, making up fictitious reasons for observable facts.

An obvious example is when you see news reports of a shooting, most bystanders tell the reporters they assumed they were hearing fireworks.

Another, more germane example would be a regular person looking at the failures of psychiatry. She sees the misguided “treatments” of the past and present and chalks it up to the “the mind is complicated and requires vast wisdom to handle it”.

This is making excuses for obvious harm. It’s being reasonable. And this comes from a person’s inability to confront what is there.

In a just society, what would be done: observe that psychiatry has not come up with a single cure for any mental malady in over 100 years. Ok, no more funding, full investigation and prosecution of any crimes, laws passed against such barbaric treatments, and anyone who has been harmed by the industry should be compensated for their trouble.

Next, find out by survey what has worked to help people permanently recover from mental infirmity. Isolate what has worked and support those programs for the good of all. Drugs and psychosurgery are not the answer.

There are groups in existence who possess the means to help people in such a way en masse. Most wouldn’t know about this though because any decency is crushed by evil men seeking to protect their power.

One characteristic you can take to the bank about evil people is this: they can’t produce anything valuable. So they rely on sane men and women to create what they consume and pervert any channel that has power on it to their perceived benefit.

But this is a topic for another discussion. Right now we’re talking about being reasonable. Well, I think by now you get the point. Decent people automatically make excuses for evil and make up explanations for evil acts being done.

Don’t now assume all evil is obvious, it isn’t.

When you have a society that is in decline, you will find a proliferation of evil. Societies DO NOT collapse on accident. They are made to collapse. The cycle is simple:

  1. Unorganized individuals come together and make agreements to form a group.
  2. They build a civilization using constructive social concepts and everyone contributing value to the economy.
  3. The civilization reaches the point where some can get by without doing much and still survive. Moral codes have formed which safeguard the political order.
  4. Negatively inclined people who are incapable of constructive action seek ways to continue to grift off of constructive members of society.
  5. Being cowardly and dishonest these people claw their way into positions of power through lies, deception and appealing to base appetites of the populace.
  6. An overbearing preponderance of these parasites and their supporters slowly erode the foundations of the society.
  7. Near total social collapse occurs and we end up with unorganized individuals again.

Between points 5 and 6 we have the failure of the honest citizen to recognize, confront and handle evil. Instead they make excuses and try to reason with the illogical and destructive dictates of evil men.

As a result we have gotten soft in our social and moral tradition that made this civilization great.

All of which brings us to our third and without a doubt most important aspect of the proliferation of evil: education.


The act of teaching someone truth about the world in which they live that others before them have discovered is called “education.”

It is absolutely essential to keep a civilization going. Where you see no education being passed on to the next generation, you see indigence, suffering and stagnation.

All great societies educate their people and prepare them to discover more truth to share.

However, there can be an apparency of education, which is not actually true education as above but a perverted cousin to it called indoctrination.

Indoctrination is the authoritarian installation of ideas into the populace that forward the indoctrinator’s goals. The indoctrination can sound good in theory and even make a lot of sense in a superficial way. Ultimately, though, the conclusions are wrong.

Over the past 60-70 years in the West, education has slowly been replaced with indoctrination.

Under these shadows of untruth, evil has a chance to flourish.

As a very personal example, I was taught in a California public school. As a young man I was under the impression that the US Government was my boss. I was led to believe that it was superior to me.

Worse yet, in some jurisdictions what little skills are still being taught in school are being scaled back because of claims of “inequality”. How one arrives at this conclusion is beyond me.

The education system has been hijacked and turned into an indoctrination machine that churns out quiet consumers that fight amongst themselves and understand they are subservient to the system.

Whatever the intent, the result is the same. When you are ignorant you are powerless to that degree. Evil men and women want you to know as little as possible and to see as little as possible.

They are focusing their efforts toward contraction of power of anyone but themselves.


Evil people want you, your family and everyone around you dead. Make no mistake about it. The ultimate goal is non-existence of everything, because everything is a threat to the evil person.

The sooner you realize this the better.

You are a decent human being. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have read this far. As a decent person you want to give anyone the benefit of the doubt and naturally assume that a bad action was caused by some other factor.

Lots of excuses are made:

  • “He had a rough upbringing”
  • “He’s never been too bright”
  • “They just want what’s best for everyone”
  • “It’s a complex and nuanced subject”
  • “There are a couple bad apples but there are a lot of good men and women at ___ [group]”

The only way you’re going to survive well in this world is to recognize, confront and handle or cut ties with evil in your area.

Support sane legislation and government. Support true eduction that helps the next generation build on the truths discovered from the past. Stand up for your values. And DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR EVIL!


I certainly didn’t come to these conclusions on my own. The core concepts I mention here were actually written in various articles by L. Ron Hubbard.

He recorded his research looking into this matter and came to these conclusions. The concepts of confront of evil and core motivations of evil people were discovered and described by him. You can study more about it yourself with this free online course.

I would also highly recommend studying about the core reason behind evil and how to truly handle it by studying Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. The follow up work, Science of Survival further explains the personality characteristics of all mankind plotted on a chart so you can find out quickly who you can really trust.